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Editorial Vol.1(2)


Ranjith Dayaratne

Editor, CPP, BH
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With the publication of this second issue, Cities People Places clearly establishes its presence and the ability of the ICCPP and the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka to sustain this academic enterprise. This would not have been possible without the support of the contributors who have placed a tremendous trust in its second issue and the subsequent issues. With this impetus, there is no doubt that the journal will make an impact and make a tremendous contribution to the advancement of knowledge on cities and urban design issues confronting the contemporary world.

Needless to say, cities people and places are inter connected in many ways. In this context, this issue points out the multi-faceted nature of their manifestations. From the shattered city of Christchurch in New Zealand, to Ranchi in India, the contributors to this issue show the numerous aspects of the cities and how they cannot be understood without relating to both people and places. Centrality of place is reiterated and the significance of people made clearly visible.

We invite those who are researching on these aspects of the cities to make Cities People Places their forum to share the research findings, in addition to attending the ICCPP conference – the next scheduled to take place again in Colombo in October 2016. Collectively, it is anticipated that we, those professionals interested in the Built-environment will cross-fertilize each other and contribute to the enhancement of cities; the habitats of the world in time to come.

Cities People Places is proud to be participating in this movement to bring together diverse research outcomes from around the world to make that happen.

How to Cite: Dayaratne, R., 2016. Editorial Vol.1(2). Cities People Places : An International Journal on Urban Environments, 1(2). DOI:
Published on 30 Apr 2016.


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